Entrepreneurs are known to suffer from a common malady. This is often referred to by a rather precise analogy: “barefoot cobbler syndrome.”

As our businesses grow, we get busier and busier wearing a multitude of hats. We focus nearly all of our time on our customers’ needs, dedicating ourselves to making sure they are happy and satisfied with our service. We work long hours finishing things we couldn’t get to when well-planned days got derailed by unexpected client demands. If we’re being honest, we are known to develop a creeping control-freakishness about us that makes us resistant to hiring help when we know it’s absolutely what we must do to maintain our sanity, health and family peace. And, as we go about wrestling this daily beast, we suddenly find ourselves doing what we do best for everyone other than ourselves!  We, indeed, become the barefoot cobbler.

Take us for example. While working tirelessly to make sure our clients’ digital marketing strategies are as efficient and productive as possible, we’ve found it extremely difficult to do a good job marketing our own business! Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of our digital marketing consultancy, thankful for our steady growth, pleased with our staff, our innovations, our improvement, and extremely honored by the strong client and vendor relationships we’ve built over the years. However, truth be known,  I’m not completely thrilled with how we’ve gone about marketing our own digital marketing company.

This new website and digital marketing blog represent a stake in the ground for us. From this day forward, we will no longer be the barefoot cobbler.