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Our Story

Although our official opening was January 1, 2008, Matt’s idea of becoming an internet marketing consultant had been brewing long before that. 

Building on a well-established sales and marketing career, along with a serendipitously timed set of life circumstances, entrepreneur Matt Buchenau, found himself in a unique position to predict the meteoric growth of the internet — then still considered a fad — as a powerful and efficient marketing vehicle. Before most, he also understood and embraced the critical role digital marketing analytics would play. The opportunity to bring this combination together to meet a growing, yet unmet need in the marketplace was ripe. Shortly thereafter, 5Weight was born.

John Wanamaker said it like this: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” 

Before the rise of the internet, this quip described the typical marketing attitude. Sure, just like today, companies still invested vast resources to better determine which advertising tactics produced the best results, but much of it still came down to guesswork. (“Attribution modeling” isn’t a new concept, by the way.)  

As digital marketing technologies evolved, that charming old adage was ditched to the archives. Not only do we now know, we use new technologies, tactics, experience, and ever-improving data to achieve greater and greater marketing efficiency for our clients. This is what drives us. It is our primary focus. It is our reason for existing. And if we may be so bold, we’re very good at it. 

We’ve come a long way since then. We’ve assembled a great team. We’ve developed powerful media planning and marketing data evaluation tools. We’ve established excellent, long-term relationships with clients and partners. We’ve refined our focus. We’ve embraced our vision, and we’ve never veered away from our values. 

That’s our story thus far, but it is still, most certainly, being written.

Client Testimonials

“Before working with 5Weight, our website was not up to par. We had a great development, just newly completed, and we knew we weren’t presenting it as well as we should on the Internet. We had also noticed that significantly fewer inquiries were coming in through our website. With the sudden economic downturn, we could not afford to allow our sales momentum to lag.  Although we only had 10 or so units left (out of a total of 60), we recognized that one of the key components in our strategy to successfully close out the project on-time was an improved web presence.  In a short period of time and within lean budget parameters, 5Weight helped us revamp our website and expand our web presence which, in turn, helped us sell the remainder of the project.  I’m pleased to say that RiverClay has now closed all but one condo, and that one yet to close has both a purchase contract and a back-up contract fully executed. These final 10 condominiums, sold since revamping our website, have generated nearly four million dollars in gross revenue. We appreciate 5Weight’s guidance in helping us reach our sales goal.”

S. Harman, PowerHousing RE, Sales Director, RiverClay Project, Denver

“I’d like to introduce Matt Buchenau, Principal at 5Weight Digital Marketing. As you and I discussed, Matt has directed digital marketing strategies for my clients over the last few years and I have never been more delighted, satisfied and successful than working with his digital strategy group. Matt is innovative, timely and VERY thorough. His monthly reports are clear and concise, such that my latest client, {XYZ Land}, a group NOT easy to please, has been extremely satisfied and will be expanding Matt’s work to their other projects.”

J. Smith, Owner, Sente Ventures, Inc.

“Matt (and 5Weight) has been an integral part of our team in ensuring both our analytics and our outside expenditures are spot on. He gives great counsel and is a master in a complicated field. I trust him implicitly to be an advocate and always put his client’s interests first. Plus, he’s just a really great guy to work with, which is often hard to find.”

J. Mitchell, Marketing Director, Village Homes (William Lyon Homes - Denver)

“Matt, I am very thankful for all the assistance, advice and expertise you’ve given me this past year.  It’s been a pleasure working with and learning from you during my first year at LD&Co.” 

D. Fritzler, Marketing Director, Lita Dirks & CO.

Thank you so very much, Matt…It’s apparent that you truly understand the back-end, analytics portion of {our online marketing} and the importance of both…. Much more so than the rest of us!  Critical to us, since we’re spending the money so can’t tell you how grateful I am that you’re orchestrating and overseeing this for us.”

C. Haflich, Marketing Director, Shea Homes - Colorado

“The work 5Weight has done for us has been invaluable.  5Weight helped us go from not knowing much about our web marketing efforts and seeing little to no search engine activity, to understanding our site’s performance on many levels and seeing our website come up on page 1 in several searches.  Our clients and potential clients can now easily find our website via hundreds of keywords and phrases, and we now have new clients and closed deals as a direct result of 5Weight’s work.  Thanks, Matt, for all your help!”

M. Carraway, Marketing Coordinator, CS RE.