Our Philosophy

We formed a philosophy that has driven us since day one. It’s our way of doing business. It defines who we are, how we behave as a company, and guides how we treat our customers, associates and partners.

The 5Weight Philosophy

We love making the complex simple. We shun tech “lingo” and the attitude many in our industry adopt to look cool and sound hip or authoritative. We’re more for clarity, understandable language, humility…quiet confidence.

We know our core competencies well, and while we strive to continually improve upon them, we don’t try to be everything to everyone. We’ve seen what happens to companies that do. Attempting to be a jack-of-all-trades, they wind up a master of none.

We embrace new technologies and techniques, but before we rush to recommend the latest and greatest thing, we are careful to ask, “Will this work for our customers?  Is it affordable? Are there more efficient and proven ways to invest our clients’ digital marketing dollars?”

We aren’t as interested in big data as we are in your data. After all, your data is what really matters when it comes to making decisions about your company.

Awards are nice but we don’t need them. We don’t think of ourselves as the Great and Powerful Oz; rather, we’re the guy behind the curtain, quietly running the machine. Our greatest reward is a happy customer.

We embrace steady, organic growth. We believe this approach keeps us level-headed, grounded, sturdy, nimble, and resilient so that we are there for our clients through times of struggle and success.

We trust our experienced partners — all masters in their own disciplines — to complement our expertise.

We never take our clients for granted. Instead, we always strive to build enduring relationships.

We prefer beer to champagne, a hard-working pickup truck to a Rolls, casting a fly-rod on a solitary river to getting swallowed up in the rat race.